The original Spanish Gin

for the original ‘gin limon’

Distilled with wild juniper from the Basque Hill on mainland Spain.
Signature serve is with lemon soda, fresh lime and a sprig of fresh rosemary.


One of three gins in the world with a recognised Geographic Designation of Origin.

Xoriguer is today – as always – the result of meticulous manual distillation in wood-fuelled copper stills, using the best wine alcohol (rather than the more commonly used grain alcohol) and fresh juniper berries.

A number of other aromatics are added to create the gin’s bouquet, but these remain a closely-guarded secret. Only the heirs of Miguel Pons Justo know the identity of the ingredients and their proportions.

To protect the unique character of Xoriguer, those secret ingredients are always added to the still just before distillation begins, behind closed doors and without witnesses.